Tervetuloa Kilpilahteen

Kilpilahti.fi on Porvoon Kilpilahdessa toimivien yritysten yhteinen sivusto, jolla kerrotaan alueen yhteisistä ja ajankohtaisista asioista.

In English

www.kilpilahti.fi is a common website for companies operating in Kilpilahti industrial area in Finland.

Neighbours of the Kilpilahti industrial area are the prime target group of this site. Therefore the language of the site is Finnish. This English summary is just an overview and description of the contents.

Website’s front page gives the latest information of maintenances and other possible deviations from the normal process operation.

If you are looking for the extranet / HSE network for the contractors, please click here »

For more information please visit the home pages of the Kilpilahti companies:

AGA | www.aga.fi

Ashland Finland Oy | www.ashland.com

Aurora Kilpilahti Oy | www.aurorainfra.com

BEWiSynbra RAW Oy|  www.bewisynbra.com

Borealis Polymers Oy | www.borealisgroup.com

Oy Innogas Ab | www.innogas.com

Kilpilahti Power Plant Ltd | www.kilpilahtipowerplant.com

Neste Engineering Solutions | www.neste.com/engineeringsolutions

Neste Oyj | www.neste.com

Veolia Oy | www.veolia.fi

VR Transpoint | www.vrtranspoint.com